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About the Author
Carrie Spears is an entrepreneur living in the United States who loves sharing knowledge and helping others on the topic of entrepreneurship.  Carrie is a passionate person who will go the extra mile and over-deliver.
Carrie’s words of wisdom:  “I believe that knowledge is power. Everyone should improve themselves and/or business, no matter what stage in life they’re in. Whether it’s to develop a better mindset or to increase profits. Moving forward is key.”
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Have you ever wondered why some people are able to become super-successful entrepreneurs while others just dream about it? Have you always wanted to follow in the footsteps of the world’s wealthiest business owners, investors or tech giants? What makes everything turn to gold at their touch? That’s a question that all aspiring entrepreneurs would like the answer to, and we have it here.

It turns out that in order to be able to crack the Entrepreneur Code, all you need to do is take a close look at some of the most successful men and women of today’s world. It is immediately apparent by examining their daily habits, and seeing what they focus on, that they do things differently than the average person. If you can copy the same things that these uber-successful people do, you can achieve the same level of success that they have achieved.
That’s what this book is about. Each chapter will examine a particular area of life where successful people tend to focus. The information was gathered through extensive research into more than 100 successful entrepreneurs, including everyone from actor & producer Jim Carrey to tech giant and PayPal founder Elon Musk.

In each of these life areas, which include health, fitness, personal development, relationships and spiritual pursuits, we have identified several key habits that have turned these people into businessmen and businesswomen that have not only achieved fame and amassed a great fortune, but are actually changing the world around them for the better.
Each chapter will not only list and describe these life-changing habits, but they will also profile a successful and well-known entrepreneur that is known for those particular habits, so that you can see how they are applied in the lives of successful people.

The 50 habits that we have identified are shared among just about all of the entrepreneurs that we researched, and especially among the entrepreneurs profiled in this book. If you can incorporate just a few of them into your own life, you will have a distinct advantage over other people who are striving for success.
The more of these habits that you can make your own, the more in line with what the most successful entrepreneurs in the world are doing in their own lives. Each one will give you part of the key that you need to unlock the Entrepreneur Code, and once you do, the possibilities are limitless.


Profile: Barack Obama, Former President of the United States

There is no denying that former president Barack Obama is successful. Even the most undistinguished of the 43 presidents that came before Obama will likely be remembered for the next few centuries, but Obama is in a class by himself, being the first African-American president in a country that was nearly torn apart by racial strife in the 1950’s, and still has elements of that racism even today.

One of the areas of life that Barack Obama tends to focus on is health and fitness. This is probably obvious to anyone familiar with his presidency, as Obama was well known for playing basketball regularly, and for promoting exercise and healthy eating, a message which Michelle Obama spearheaded and took around the country.

In an interview with Men’s Health, Barack Obama said that he doesn’t like getting up early in the morning, but he does it anyway to make time for exercise, which he does six days a week, for 45 minutes a day. He does a combination of strength training and cardio, and of course, he has a healthy diet.

But Barack Obama isn’t the only successful person who makes health and fitness a priority. Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and many more well-known names can be found making time each day for exercise and taking care of their physical and mental health. There have even been recent studies that shows a direct correlation between physical fitness and success in business. There are many benefits to staying in shape and exercising every day, including better focus and more confidence, as well as the determination to finish what you start. Here are six habits that successful people do to maintain their health and improve fitness.

Habit 1: They get up early

You’ll notice that among successful people, one of the key factors that they all share is the propensity to get up early. There are a lot of advantages to getting up early. There have been dozens of studies that have linked getting up earlier with getting more accomplished. Even if you aren’t a morning person – like Barack Obama – you still should consider getting up a couple of hours earlier. You might find that you have time to get more done and will get even closer to your goals.

Habit 2: They work out consistently

Another thing that successful people share is consistency. This usually extends to all areas of their lives, but it is especially true in the case of exercise. As a rule, successful people tend to exercise several times a week. They are not only very committed to it, they make it part of their schedule and work around the workout. Doing this has a couple of benefits. Besides the obvious health and fitness bonuses that you get from working out, when the first thing you do is exercise in the morning, you release those endorphins and it makes you more productive the rest of the day.

Habit 3: They eat right

Another thing that successful people do. You probably know that if you eat too much, or if you eat the wrong kinds of food, you end up feeling bloated and horrible, making it difficult to do anything. This is one of the reasons that successful people eat right, but it’s not the only one. They also eat right because there are certain foods that are really good for brain power and energy.

Habit 4: They equate fitness with success

Successful people don’t think about fitness as a chore or something that they need to do to impress anyone else. They equate fitness with being successful. There is no doubt that the two are related and that’s why they make this a priority, getting up early in the morning to work out, or making fitness one of the things that they work on no matter what else is going on.

Habit 5: They get rid of bad habits

In addition, you will notice that successful people are able to kick most of the bad habits that are out there. Whether that is drinking, drugs, overeating, cigarettes or any other vice that plague humanity, successful people tend to overcome those challenges and they are that much more able to channel their energies into something that is productive and useful.

Habit 6: They get professional help

Successful people also know that everyone needs help once in a while, and they get their help from professionals. Whether that professional is a doctor or dietitian, or simply a personal trainer to help them at the gym, successful people use the talent around them to improve their own lives


Profile: Larry Page, Co-founder of Google

In this chapter, we’ll be profiling Larry Page, one of the founders of Google. While you may not be as familiar with his name as Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs, Page is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, surpassing some of those names that you are familiar with through his impact on the present state of technology and potential impact on the future.
Here’s a pop quiz. What is the one way to ensure that your products and services are always at the very top of internet searches no matter what? The answer is – build the world’s most popular search engine first, and then build products and services second. Page read the biography of Nikola Tesla when he was just 12 years old and it changed his life – and ours – forever. From that point forward, Larry Page had a passion for business and technology, and he turned it into the world’s most successful corporation. Most of the advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, automotive technology and the internet at large will likely come from Google in the coming decades. Let’s take a look at the nine habits that people like Larry Page incorporate into their life in the area of setting and achieving professional goals.

Habit 7: They write down their goals

The problem with trying to take a journey somewhere that you haven’t been before is that without a map, you have very little chance of reaching your destination. Imagine that you took a trip from Los Angeles to Tallahassee without a GPS or a map – and there weren’t any road signs to guide you. That’s how trying to reach your goals without writing them down is. Luckily, successful people like the entrepreneurs featured here know this, and they make sure they always write down their goals.

Habit 8: They work on them nearly every day

Also, entrepreneurs don’t just set them and forget them. They actively work on them every day if they can. The success that they achieve comes with a lot of hard work and they know this is the case. That’s why they consistently do thing to get them closer to their goals. If you want to be successful, then write down your goals and post them somewhere that you can always see them. Then each and every day, try to do something to move yourself closer to each and every one of those goals.

Habit 9: They aren’t afraid to dream big

Entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to dream big. Someone else might think that owning a multi-million-dollar company or becoming a billionaire is well out of their reach, but the most successful people in the world have no problem seeing themselves achieving any level of success that they desire. They know that anything worth achieving is going to take hard work, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. It just means that it might take a little longer to get there, or it might take more work for them than someone with less lofty goals.

Habit 10: They don’t allow setbacks to keep them down for long
Even when things happen that make it more difficult to reach their goals, they don’t get thwarted for long. Successful entrepreneurs know that failing is part of the journey and when they have a setback they just think of a way around it and then continue on their journey. Setbacks can knock some people down and they never get back up, but that’s not the case with the world’s most successful people.

Habit 11: They never give up on their dream

Another thing that can sometimes happen when a journey is difficult is wanting to give up on the dream. For millions of people who do not realize that they really could reach their goals if they put in the work, the dream is just that. But for these entrepreneurs, they never give up, no matter how hard things get. They just keep plugging away until they eventually achieve their goals.

Habit 12: They do things that others won’t

You will also notice that successful people will do things that others won’t do. For example, if someone has a dream of creating a video game, they may not be willing to spend ten years reading every book on programming and living on almost nothing while they work towards that dream. Most people don’t have that kind of motivation. But successful entrepreneurs will stay late, show up early, and work for years without pay to achieve their goals.

Habit 13: They are flexible enough to adjust their goals when needed

One of the problems that people sometimes run into after they set their goals is that they made them so inflexible and difficult to achieve that they become impossible. While there is nothing wrong with setting a goal to become a millionaire, you are probably going to be disappointed if you put the time limit on your millionaire goal one week. Successful people, on the other hands, create realistic goals and make them flexible enough to bend with the unexpected things in life.

Habit 14: They don’t procrastinate

Another thing that successful people refuse to do is procrastinate. Procrastination is one of the worst plagues that humanity faces, and people often fail simply because they put something off till the last minute and didn’t have time to do it. But the entrepreneurs on this list do not procrastinate. In fact, they take the most difficult task and do it first, and then take the other tasks after it and do them too.

Habit 15: They do more than what is expected of them

Do you only do the minimum at work or with your other responsibilities? That might be why you haven’t achieved the level of success that some of our profiled business people have. Successful people do more than what is expected. They always go above and beyond. Whether that means showing up early and staying late, or spending time outside of the office trying to achieve their goals.


Profile: Mark Cuban, Investor on NBC’s Shark Tank

If you haven’t seen the NBC reality show “Shark Tank” then you might not be familiar with Mark Cuban. The author, television personality, businessman and investor has earned gobs of money throughout his lifetime, and he did it by following the habits described below.

One of those is reading, and it is a trait that is shared by every single success story in this book, as well as nearly all of the 100+ entrepreneurs that we researched. Cuban says that growing up he read every book and magazine that he could get his hands on. He didn’t always get good ideas from them, but he got enough to make it well worth it. Plus, he notes that all of the reading material that he procured was available to the public. Anyone could have gotten the same information and made the same choices he did. But, as he says, most people didn’t want it.

Let’s check out some of the personal development habits that Mark Cuban and other successful people have incorporated into their lives to help them build their business. These may not be the only personal development habits that successful people like Mark Cuban have honed, buty they are a good start for ayone that is just starting the journey to becoming successful.

Habit 16: They read a lot of books

One of the things that successful people do more than any group out there with the possible exception of librarians is read books. They also read very specific types of books. The entrepreneurs that are being high-lighted here have discussed some of their favorite books and they are all books that teach some kind of self-improvement, whether that is through education, through motivation or learning new skills and honing abilities.

Habit 17: They teach themselves new things

In addition, successful people teach themselves things. If they can’t find it in a book, then they roll up their sleeves and get to work. Think about some of the Silicon Valley pioneers like Steve Jobs. They didn’t know how to create a personal computer that could be used in the home. There wasn’t a book to teach them the skills they needed. So, they went into the garage and started taking computers apart and learned how to do it themselves. Look at the company Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniac founded now. Apple is now the leader in technology.

Habit 18: They focus on educating themselves, not getting an education

Another thing that stops some people from pursuing their dreams is a lack of education. People think that you can’t become a millionaire or run a successful company without a college degree. While it is true that many of the people we are high-lighting have a degree —usually in business — there are others who haven’t even finished high school and taught themselves everything they know.

Habit 19: They are aware of their shortcomings

Successful people are acutely aware of their shortcomings. Some people go through life not realizing that they have that particular shortcoming. But successful people not only know about their faults, they are actually embracing them and taking steps to not let those faults keep them from achieving their goals. Everyone has faults and you need to figure out what they are and have a plan to conquer them if you want to achieve your goals.

Habit 20: They improve a little every day

In addition, entrepreneurs know, in order to achieve the level of success that the people profiled in this book have, that personal development isn’t something that ever stops. You must continue to improve yourself a little bit each day if you want to reach your goals, especially if they are as high as some of the goals that the successful people profiled had.

Habit 21: They hold themselves accountable

Another thing that entrepreneurs do is refuse to blame someone else when they don’t meet a goal. They hold themselves accountable when they make a mistake or come up short and then get back to work trying to achieve that same goal. If you hold yourself accountable each and every time you make a mistake, then you cannot fool yourself into thinking that it wasn’t your fault or it was out of your control.


Image result for the easter cross

If you feel like you don’t have time for spirituality in your life, you may want to reconsider. There must be a reason that so many of these entrepreneurs have made it a priority. Let’s take a look at five spiritual habits of successful people.

Habit 22: They spend time in contemplation

One of the things that successful people do is spend a great deal of time in introspective contemplation. They think about what they can change to make their goals a reality. They consider all of the options. They rarely leap before they look. Spirituality is one of the best ways that someone can get to know themselves better.

Habit 23: They give money to worthy causes

You will also notice that these people are extremely generous when it comes to worthy causes. Whether that is feeding the homeless, or paying tithes, successful people have no problem contributing to charitable causes. Some of the most successful people in the world gave nearly their entire fortune to help those who needed it, with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet as prime examples.

Habit 24: They do some introspection

Most successful people have experienced a time in which they had to stop and look at themselves and determine are they the ones keeping themselves back from the success they deserve. A lot will attribute their negative thinking of what success is as the culprit. Do you realize that how you were brought up has a huge bearing on what you think of success, earning a lot of money, and acquiring beautiful things. If you are one of those people who look down on those who have money you might want to read the book Millions Within by David Neagle. You will become very clear on what is holding you back.

25: They develop a solid code of ethics

In addition, the successful people on this list develop their own moral code. They may not do everything the way that you or I would, but they follow this moral code very strictly. It is usually a pretty good one too, and makes them better people who know what they will do and won’t do. These ethics often guide successful people to the right opportunity, or introduces them to the right people, to allow them to reach their goals.

Habit 26: They are open to inspiration

Whether you believe in a God or not, there is no denying that inspiration can come along and give you an idea that will change your life.


Image result for shaquille o neal

Profile: Shaquille O’Neal, NBA player, actor, businessman, investor

One of the unfortunate truths about professional athletes is that they can lose their millions just as quickly as they earned them. There are dozens of examples of athletes who have burned through money so fast that they ended up broke, but Shaquille O’Neal is not one of them.

The NBA star is estimated to be worth around $140 million. He’s made almost $300 million throughout his career and he’s done that by endorsement deals, acting, investing in real estate and starting businesses. He owns stake in major companies like Vitamin Water and Muscle Milk. He also took the time and money to get his MBA from the University of Phoenix.

Good financial habits are something that every single successful person in the world can agree on. Here are seven financial habits that entrepreneurs like Shaq and everyone else on our list practice.

Habit 27: They make a budget and stick to it

One of the traits of the successful people on this list that you would notice if you spent time with them is that they make a budget and stick to it. Of course, the people on this list have so much money now that making a budget is wholly unnecessary. But this was true long before they became so rich and successful. They stuck to their budget no matter what and didn’t spend extravagantly.

Habit 28: They put away more than 10%

You have no doubt heard that you should put away 10% of your income for emergencies. This is definitely good advice, but there are many people who simply do not make saving a priority. However, for the world’s most successful people, 10% isn’t good enough. They put away more than 10% and they make sure that if a financial opportunity comes along, they have the money to take advantage of it. Plus, they have an emergency cushion if anything happens.

Habit 29: They they their credit history pristine

You will also find that these success stories have amazing credit. While this might seem obvious, since they are rich and never have to worry about missing payments, the truth is that they have had those pristine credit histories most of their lives. Successful people know the value of having good credit, and they work hard to make sure that theirs stays as clean as possible, in case a financial opportunity comes along that they want to take advantage of.

Habit 30: They know the value of good help

In addition, you will find that successful people don’t mind spending money when it is going to get them something valuable in return. They hire talented and highly skilled people and pay them what they are worth. Successful people know that having good help is worth the extra money that they’ll spend, and many of the teams that they have put together have helped to vault them to the success that they enjoy today.

Habit 31: They automate bill pay whenever possible

If you do a poll among the world’s most successful people, you will find that they automate bill pay whenever they can. If they don’t have to worry about paying a bill, it frees up time for them to work on their goals and making even more money. But also, they don’t have to worry about the bills not getting paid either. While there may not be much money left over after the bills have taken their cut, they don’t have issues like internet or cellphone getting shut off. This is a habit that our success stories here cultivated long before they had become rich.

Habit 32: They keep records of everything

One of the things that everyone should do is keep records of all of their expenditures, purchases and anything else related to finances. Not only does this help with taxes and loans, it also gives you something to look back on later and learn from. Successful entrepreneurs keep records of everything relating to their finances or business. It is an excellent habit to get into and the way to make it a lifelong one is to start when you are young.

Habit 33: They cultivate multiple income streams

Another thing that successful people do is create multiple income streams. This is a smart idea because if you have several different income streams bringing in money, especially if those income streams are bringing in money without you having to do much work to maintain them, then not only do you have more money to spend, but you aren’t going to be up the creek without a paddle if something should happen to your primary income stream. Whether it is writing a book or getting into real estate, consider setting up multiple streams of income in order to reach your goals even sooner and protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances.